Operational Excellence in Supply Chain Management – QQI Level 7

Start date: 28 February 2023

Duration: 1 Year - over 3 Semester.

Location: Blended

Certificate: QQI Level 7

Cost: 80% funded for SMEs (less than 250 employees) €500. Large Organisations (+250 employees) - €1,500. Unsubsidised cost - €2,500

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

This is a 1-and-a-half-year (3 semesters) Level 7 programme which offers individuals the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and competencies in the exciting area of operational excellence. The programme is designed to give a holistic understanding of operational excellence and the dynamics of supply chain management.

The aim of the programme is to offer individuals the opportunity to develop an understanding of the dynamics of supply chains and to enhance their ability to continually improve operational performance. For example, operational performance in relation to the flow of goods and information through the value chain from order, materials acquisition to final consumption, to maximise customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Continually improving operational performance can be a real advantage for companies to ensure they keep pace with changes in their industry sector across the various processes and technologies that support effective utilisation of key resources, cost-effectiveness and that customer value.

This programme will incorporate major aspects of data analytics, supply chain management, digitization, warehousing, logistics and lean systems.

This programme is 80% funded for SME's (less than 250 employees) and is delivered by DkIT.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training programme, participants will:

Demonstrate specialised knowledge of the theory, concepts and practices pertaining to the management of a modern supply chain.

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of ICT, sufficient to adopt it to solve supply chain management problems.

Understand codes of practice, the assessment and mitigation of risk, operational safety and environmental issues.

Plan and manage movement of raw materials, parts, semi-finished goods and finished goods using software assistance. Apply knowledge to solve problems in the supply of goods and raw materials, while recognising logistical constraints.

Develop a project plan, identifying the resource requirements and the timescales involved.

Can estimate cost and present simple budget requirements for common projects related to supply chain management. Can work to national, EU and other international standards.

Exercise appropriate judgement in planning technical and/or supervisory functions related to products, services, operations or processes.

Analyse and control trends in stock movements. Contribute to the efficient and effective management of a production facility and/or warehouse. Determine how logistics relates to overall corporate aims of the business.

Apply appropriate regulations and quality management systems for the safe and effective movement of goods.

Assist with the design of the supply chain through implementing and developing system component or processes to meet specified needs.

Work in a safe, ethical and environmentally sound manner.

Use an evidence-based approach to problem solving.

Understands the impact and management of change and continuous improvement in the economy of the profession.

Who Is This Course For?

The programme seeks to offer individuals the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and competencies and impart a holistic understanding of the dynamics of supply chains and to enhance their ability to continually improve supply chain performance.


Semester 1

  • Supply Chain Management & Digitization
  • Operations and Lean Methodologies
  • Industry Project in Operational Excellence (year-long)

Semester 2

  • Data Analytics for Operational Excellence
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Industry Project in Operational Excellence (year-long)

Semester 3

  • Industry Project in Operational Excellence (year-long)*

*The ‘Industry Project in Operational Excellence’ module will see students undertake a real-world operational excellence project for the duration of the course. This project will require students to research a problem and identify potential solutions, followed by implementing a solution and analysing the final result.

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