Time Management

Start date: 28 February 2023

Duration: 28th Feb & 2nd March - (9:30am - 12:30pm)

Location: Online

Cost: €99 (€119 for non Chamber & Non Network Members)

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

Have you an out of control to do list? If so, then join the gang. It is no surprise that time management is a highly sought-after skill both at work and at home. It is also a skill which presents us with daily challenges. Organising your day so that you are as productive as possible isn’t easy because of the constant interruptions that occur in a normal working environment. Today, many people face the additional challenges of working from home.

This practical session of real-world learnings is based on Sean McLoughney’s latest book ‘Time Management’ and over 10 years research and will outline how you can apply some simple principles to help you organise your day, week and month both at work and at home.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training programme, participants will:

Deal with an out of control to do list by prioritising and scheduling the important things daily, weekly, and monthly.

Start using the Time Management Balance Sheet principle (time capacity) which keeps you ahead of deadlines.

Analyse how you really spend your time and implement changes to improve your daily, weekly and monthly routines

Deal with difficult people who steal your time by interrupting you regularly

Divide your day into manageable chunks of productive time

Review your ‘Will I, Won’t I Moments’, your key decisions that impact your day.

Understand the importance of saying no and how to say no positively.

Set aside some ‘Me Time’ and create your having fun list which helps you to switch off from a hectic working environment.

Build your personal time wall which is a visual summary of the key principles and actions that you will commit to taking to achieve your vision.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is best suited to anyone working in a fast paced and busy environment.


Module one – Organise and structure your day, week, and month

This module covers the four key principles that underlines how to be as productive as possible without working longer hours

  • Build your personal Time Management action wall
  • Principle 1: Planning & Scheduling important activities to ensure the right things get done consistently
  • Principle 2: Time Management Balance Sheet – understanding your time capacity
  • Principle 3: Time Audit – knowing how you spend your time
  • Principle 4: Impact/Influence Model – take back the time that is lost daily through unnecessary interruptions

Module two – Regaining control of your time

Understanding and dealing with the constant interruptions that occur in a normal working environment is essential in using your time productively.

  • Identify your personal challenges
  • Reduce the amount of time lost through poor email management
  • Deal with time stealers in a proactive way
  • Apply the lessons learnt in working remotely
  • Promote a positive work/life balance
  • Set aside time for personal development and growth

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