Leading Through Emotional Intelligence

Start date: 05 April 2022

Duration: 5th & 7th April - 9:30am - 12:30pm

Location: Online

Certificate: N/A

Cost: €99 per person (Non Chamber & Network Members €129)

Course code: N/A

Programme overview

Leading with Emotional Intelligence is an engaging and interactive workshop in which you will explore your Emotional Intelligence in order to develop and enhance your leadership effectiveness.

Understanding how emotions shape your thoughts and actions is the first step to gaining greater control over your behavior. Developing the skills to manage yourself and other people more effectively maximizes your influence as a leader.

The core competencies of Emotional Intelligence provide the necessary knowledge to further develop your interpersonal skills.

Great leaders know their own emotions and manage them effectively. They form strong relationships with others, and are adept at building commitment to
achieving their goals.

Effective leaders also have clear values that guide their actions and are consistently evident in their behaviour. This clarity and consistency helps others
understand and embrace the desired values.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training programme, participants will:

  • Understand what Emotional Intelligence is, and how it relates to performance at work
  • Understand how your attitudes and emotions support or hinder your ability to inspire great performance in yourself and others
  • Recognise your own personal Emotional Intelligence strengths and development areas
  • Cultivate tools and techniques to help you inspire great performance in yourself and others
  • Build Better Relationships by improving trust, collaboration and conflict handling
  • Strengthen resilience and engagement within the team
  • Understand 10 competencies
  • Manage the Team that everyone wants to work on

Who Is This Course For?

Those wishing to improve their awareness of self and others so they can maximize their interpersonal relationships. This workshop is particularly relevant to anyone moving into or currently in a management or leadership role.


Overview of the EQ skills critical to leadership success and provide relevant application to business challenges.

Emotional Capital Competencies

More than a decade of empirical research has identified ten EQ competencies

characteristic of successful leaders. These competencies are measured by the ECR and

leaders with these skills are characterized by:


The capacity to recognize how their feelings and emotions impact on their personal opinions, attitudes and judgements.


The ability to respect and like themselves and be confident in their skills and abilities.


The emotional power to take responsibility for themselves, back their own judgements and be self-reliant in developing and making significant decisions.


The ability to express their feelings and points of view openly in a straightforward way, while respecting the fact that others may hold a different opinion or expectation. They are comfortable challenging the views of others and give clear messages.


The ability to manage their reserves of emotional energy and maintain an effective level of work/life balance. They appear to thrive in setting challenging personal and professional goals and their enthusiasm is likely contagious.

Relationship Skills

The knack for establishing and maintaining collaborative and rewarding relationships characterized by positive expectations.


The ability to grasp the emotional dimension of a business situation and create resonant connections with others.


The ability to adapt their thinking, feelings and actions in response to changing circumstances. They are tolerant of others and receptive to new ideas and consider different points of view.


The ability to manage their emotions well and restrain their actions until they have time to think rationally. They are able to stay calm in stressful situations and maintain productivity without losing control.


The ability to sense opportunities even in the face of adversity. They are resilient, can see the big picture and where they are going and are able to focus on the possibilities of what can be achieved.

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